Spanish Gastronomy

In Jaén most people have “tostada” and coffee for breakfast at around 10.30 am and their main meal at around 2 pm. After this they might have a siesta, which is longer during summer due to the heat.

The evening meal is later in summer, usually around 10pm when it is cooler. At the weekend people eat even later and you can see packed bars around 11 pm in summertime.

Spanish Salad

How to Order in a Spanish Restaurant

Á la carta

This is where you ask to see la carta (the menu) and each person orders their choice of first course, second course and dessert. This is the most expensive way of eating.


This is a typical way of eating at many restaurants. It´s also a great way to sample several dishes.

The difference between tapas and raciones is that tapas are smaller and were traditionally given free with your drink. Jaén is one of the last provinces where all the bars still give free tapas.

Generally speaking the size of a ration is what one person would eat for a light meal. So six people would need to order more than six rations in order to have a decent sized meal. The good thing is that you can always order more later, making this kind of meal long and leisurely.

Menú del Día

Is a set menu of three courses for a fixed price per head and includes one alcoholic drink and bread. There is a limited choice of two or three things per course. It is usually served at around 2 pm but not every restaurant offers it.

Langostinos al ajillo, prawns in garlic
Revuelto - Green beans, asparagus, jamon & egg

What´s on Offer at Casa El Regüelo

Sample some freshly prepared home-cooked Spanish dishes. Our Spanish brother-in-law, foodie and great cook will come, prepare and serve you with some local treats.

Or if it appeals to you, take part in a Spanish cooking class - cook the menú del dia or raciones of your choice and then enjoy your dishes with appropriate wines.

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