Activities from Casa El Reguelo include paintball 3 km away, Rock Climbing with many different locations. The Via Verde is close by and walking through the olive groves and taking photographs

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Inmersión en Inglés

Inmersión en Inglés

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Spanish Cooking Classes

Spanish Cooking Classes in Jaen, hands on cooking session, an introduction to Spanish tapas or paella. Day classes or longer available for groups of two.

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Wondering What to See in Jaen City?

Jaen is, along with Huelva, one of the lesser known cities of Andalucia. But it has a wealth of charm and an abundance of monuments worth visiting.

Read my blog post What to Do on a Weekend in Jaen for some ideas.

Walking Holidays Jaen

Walking Holidays Jaen, Andalucia offered from Casa Rural El Reguelo. Day walks, half-day walks, weekly all inclusive holidays,self-catering walking holidays in northern Andalucia

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July 2010

We stayed here at the end of July so it was HOT! The gorgeous plunge pool with stunning views beyond, was just the thing for dipping in and cooling off.

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Spanish Gastronomy

For those who love Spanish gastronomy we over a meals service, Spanish cooking prepared in house or cooking classes so you can learn, prepare and then sample many different dishes.

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August 2012

The holiday house of Rachel and Nick has served as a good starting point for us to taste parts of Spain. Tasting the region, the atmosphere, the many

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MAY 2012- A wonderful place

If you want unspoilt Spain then staying here is for you. The house is simple clean and ticks all the boxes including the perfect plunge pool and patio

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Location, Casa Rural El Reguelo is located in the Sierra Sur de Jaen, just 6km south of Fuensanta de Martos.

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The Alcazaba in Malaga

A few weeks ago we took some friends down to Malaga airport for an early-ish flight and decided to make a day of it.

I had, as usual, a list of places I wanted to see, we didn´t get to all of them but did see The Alcazaba.

This huge sprawling fortress climbs up the hill towards the Castillo de Gibalfaro. We didn´t get that far but spent a good two hours exploring the gorgeous Alcazaba with incredible views over the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Alcazaba Malaga

We left the airport heading for Malaga and took the ´puerto´exit, carried along until we could see the workings of the port and parked the car on the roadside.

We had a street map I´d picked up in the airport and off we headed for the cathedral (after coffee) then the Alcazaba.

Like a maze it´s a photographers paradise of hidden corners, fountains and Moorish architecture. The cost was entry fee was low and the best 2.20€ (each) I´ve spent for a long time.

The Alcazaba Malaga

A great start or end to your holiday from Casa El Reguelo. I´d certainly go back to explore more of Malaga, return to the Alcazaba and visit the castle.

Best time for Wildflowers in Andalucia

The best month by far for seeing the huge range of wildflowers is May. This year we started early and now having had rain on the first weekend in May followed by what appears to be summer we´re definately in for a treat.

Watering then sun means in a week or two our carpet of colour will have burst into life.

The yellow bee orchid is already showing it´s face abundantly throughout the network of tracks and olive groves.

Many more and different varieties will stagger their appearance throughout the month.

Spring is my favourite time of year here in Jaen and a great time for walking as the stifling heat of the summer isn´t here yet - but is on its way.

Best Walking (and veg) in Andalucia

It´s a while since I posted anything here, lazy I know but I´ve been busy in other quarters.

Our first serious year on our organic veggie garden and its growing well, we´re already eating artichokes and baby broad beans. Tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, melons, potatoes, leeks, jerusalem artichokes are all coming on nicely - help yourself when ready.

Also I´m out walking, covering old ground and exploring new for the guided walk holidays or day walks we´re now offering.

I´m definately biased but the best walking country in Andalucia has to be in Jaén province and from my doorstep in the Sierra Sur de Jaén. Well both doorsteps, my home and Casa El Reguelo 5km away.

I´m calling my latest route Lake View and this is why.

View of Las Casillas aka Viboras Reservoir

walk around the chapel

walk around the chapel

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Walking Around Historical Martos

This last week I went on a walking tour with a local historian around the old quarter, Casco Histórico, of Martos.

The tour was with an English/Spanish conversation group and was good fun. I hadn´t realised that Martos had two castles. One on La Peña and one in the town.

The original Torre de Homenaje built by the Moors, within the castle walls, has been restored and is a small information centre which is kept locked. We climbed to the top for fabulous 360º views around Martos and the sierras beyond.

The Town Hall on the top square was built in the 16th century and used many of the ancient tombstones and columns left by the Romans 2,000 years ago when Martos was known by the name Augusta Gemella Tuccitana.

Martos was occupied in 27 B.C. by Emperor Augustus, it saw the Visigoths in residence, was conquered by the Moors and reconquered in 1219 by King Fernando III who put it under the protection of the Order of Calatrava in 1228.

Martos was also known by the name Tucci in the Iberian times.

Stunning Car Trip in Sierra Sur de Jaén

Read about our stunning car trip with views of the Embalse de Queibrajano and rocky cliffs.

Our New Year´s Day exploration was just beautiful. It´s been many years since we visited the reservoir via Valdepeñas de Jaén rather than through Jaén.

Read my blog post and see some of the photos for this driving route that I´m writing up to leave as a recommended day trip route.

Walking in Andalucia, Jaén

All across the mountainous region of Andalucia there is fantastic walking. My corner of Jaén province is no different, just head out the door and follow the many olive tracks that are necessary for vehicles to get close to every olive tree to be able to collect the harvest.

After living here for fifteen years we still exploring close-by, still discovering new tracks and walking routes, each unique and above all beautiful.

On New Year´s Day 2012 we headed off in the car planning on going for a walk, but ended up following a track, with many leaps out the car car for photos.

We discovered a great circular drive more suited for a 4x4 than our car, but did it nevertheless.

We´re kicking ourselves now that we didn´t clock the mileage but guess where we´re heading next weekend?

Yes it´s pedometer and rucksack time. I´m guessing it´s probably about 8 km, we´ll see. The route goes along a ridge of rock and river valley, climbs to the top of the hill heading to Valdepeñas de Jaén and back into Fuensanta.

We´ll keep you posted.

Jaén Cathedral

Having just come across a video on Jaén Cathedral I thought I´d share it with you.

I´ve added it to a post on my Andalucia Explorer blog Jaén Cathedral

Jaén City Guide

My writing of a two-day what to do in Jaén city guide is slow, but now nearing completion.

A copy of the Highlights of Jaén Guide will be available to all who stay at Casa Rural El Regüelo.

You can even hire out yours truly for a personalised walk around Jaén, let me be your map and translator and show the the sights.

Antiguo Hospital de San Juan de Dios

Lagarto de Jaén

Read about the Largato de Jaén or the legend of the Lizard of Jaén.

If you´d like to know more about the city guide just drop me a line via the contact page and I´ll do my best to answer any questions you might have.

Reguelo´s Latest Visitor Comments from the Visitors Book

May 2011

Four of us had 3 wonderful day here, even cycled along the Via Verde and collapsed the following day in the absolute peace of this wonderful place.We heard the Golden Oriel but only one of us managed to see it – which was most annoying for the rest of us. Many thanks for the excellent accommodation & food from Rachel & Nick.


July 2011

To come to Reguelo with the peace, birdsong, goast and charming cosy house was wonderful for all of us going on vacation all the way from Denmark. The dip pool was refreshing in the heat and everything has been fine here.

Thanks.Lone & family

July 2011

It was a pleasure to meet you and to stay in your home. It´ll be wonderful and the house is well equip. We can avail of the sun, the hot and the landscape. Realy a big change of life in France. Thank you very much you have a realy lovely house.

Sandrine & family

Aug 2011

We spent two wonderful weeks in your house which is very well equipped and comfortable. At this moment the weather in France isn´t very good so it is nice to get sun and heat. Of course the pool was may be the best part of the house for the kids (for the parents also).

We appreciate a lot the countryside which seems quite familiar to us because of the mountains. Thank you very much for all. A special thank to Nick who had a lot of work with the pool and the fence!!

Now it´s time to join our mountains near Geneva. But we will come back!

Isabella, Anne-lise and families

New Cathedral Plaza

The new plaza in front of the cathedral is a complete wash-out. A plain empty space with low fountains wetting the walkway.

It´s very boring and disappointing, why on earth did they rip out the ancient magnolia trees and shady benches for a lot of nothing?

1888 Bar in Jaén

We finally discovered the oldest bar in Jaén dating from 1888 only to find it closed.

At least next visit we can head straight there and hopefully find its doors open.

Walking Route to Santiago de Compostela from Jaén

The Jacobean Association of Jaén has over the last year been walking a route of 44 km which joins the Camino Mozárabe from Granada and links up to those heading to the pilgrimage capital, Santiago de Compostela.

The first part of the route starts at Jaén cathedral and runs towards Torredelcampo and Jamilena then on to the hill, la Peña, in Martos.

It then leaves Martos by the camino del Fraile de Belda heading to río Víboras where it joins the vía verde for 10km.

At the 45 km marker from Alcaudete it joins with the Camino Mozárabe which goes to Santiago de Compostela following the Silver Route or la Ruta de la Plata.

Thanks to local grants the route will have signposts.

Via Verde de Aceite, May 2011

From Casa El Regüelo´s visitors book.....

May 2011, 4 of us had 3 wonderful days here, we cycled along the Via Verde Aceite, and collapsed the following day in the absolute peace of this wonderful place.

We heard the Golden Oriel but only 1 of us managed to see it- which was most annoying for the rest of us.

Many thanks for the excellent accommodation & food from Rachel & Nick.

Brenda, Sandra, Jenny & Millie

Martos to Santiago de Calatrava Circular Drive

For an exploration of the countryside, between olive groves and via a replica of a Moorish water wheel follow my exploratory route with photos.

Circular Drive from Martos, Jaen

Coming from the A316 take the Martos norte exit into Martos passing a petrol station on your left take the right turn at the roundabout to Santiago de Calatrava.

If you´re coming from Fuensanta keep heading straight ahead over roundabouts until the mini roundabout that doesn´t allow you to go ahead, then turn right.

Go straight over the first roundabout and turn left at the second, this is the road to Santiaga de Calatrava.

Stay on this road until you come to the hamlet of Lendinez.

Jaen Renaissance Cathedral

The enormous cathedral of Jaen is overly ornate but a must see especially the ostentatious journey into its interior.

Designed by Andres Vandelvira, famous 16th century architect of many classic monuments from the 1520s throughout the century. An exciting and prosperous time for Jaen and its neighbours of Baeza and Ubeda.